Why the Cardinals can challenge the Dodgers as the NL’s best

Justin Turner should sign with the Cardinals, but the Dodgers are still the favorites New, 5 comments Justin Turner is an oddball free agent, but he might be the best player left on the market.

Can the Dodgers finish with MLB’s best record? New, 14 comments.. The rotation for the upcoming series against the Cardinals will be Tony Gonsolin, Clayton Kershaw and Dustin May.

A case can be made for New York or Los Angeles to hold the top spot, This Dodgers team appears to be better than the previous six that have won the NL West.. The Cardinals can avoid the dreaded Dodgers in the NLDS, and if Jack. Busch Stadium in both the NLDS and NLCS is a serious challenge.

3 days ago. The Dodgers will finish the season with the best record in the NL.. Milwaukee Brewers-Washington Nationals play-in contest, and the winner of that series will then play the victor of the St. Louis Cardinals-Braves matchup.

– In 2017, the Nationals won 97 games and the NL East title, but lost Game 5 in the best-of-five NLDS against the Cubs. That Game 5 was mildly insane: The nationals led 4-1 after two innings.

 · And to look at what the Cardinals can do to regain an advantage. The Cardinals need to get smarter. – Tommy Pham shouldn’t be wasting in Memphis for five weeks at the start of the season when the big-league team is doing foolish things like sticking.

NHL’s San Jose Sharks Hire Former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti.. I can understand why you omitted the comma in the last sentence but exclamation points instead of a question mark?!. Bringing in.

Why cardinals traded wally moon to Dodgers December 14, 2018 by retrosimba wally moon shined for the Cardinals for four years, but wore out his welcome in a single season when he slumped at the plate and displayed what some perceived as an indifferent attitude toward his outfield play.

Why bet on the LA Dodgers? While the Dodgers could probably afford to take their foot off the gas a little, given that they have an 18-game lead in the NL West, there is no sign that they are about to do that. After taking out the Cardinals in the opening game of this series, the Dodgers have now won 3 in a row and 7 of their last 10 games.

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