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song premiere: chain station brings rock and Roll Energy to Bluegrass With "Gravity" April 9, 2019 by Glide in Audio , PREMIERES No Comments Chain Station is a 4-piece, high-energy, get ’em out on the dance floor string band born high in the mountains but based in Denver, Colorado.

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Yeah, yeah yeah yeah gravity, gravity I’m going over, I’m falling free Don’t care if no one’s ever there to catch me I’ll close my eyes, and I’m gonna let it be I’m gonna go with gravity, go with gravity. Feel the wind in my hair, spinning me around, around Caught in mid-air, not afraid of nothing now.

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Harnessing the force of gravity, researchers at MIT have designed a new liquid battery that functions similarly to an hourglass. The gravity-powered battery is groundbreaking in its simplicity, efficiency and low-cost, and the researchers believe that it could be used to create more powerful grid-connected.