Dan Haley: There is no 90-day regulatory loophole on oil and gas emissions

That preliminary 90-day interval issues as a result of it permits for the issuance of an correct allow. This isn’t a regulatory "loophole." It’s an intentional, commonsense allowing system that’s based mostly on knowledge, accredited by the EPA, and employed in different energy-producing states.

80 FR 26925 – New and revised emissions factors for Flares and Other Refinery Process Units and. 80 FR 26994 – Leasing of Osage Reservation Lands for Oil and Gas. Congress clearly intended that there be national uniformity in the regulation of these products. There are no administrative proceedings which must be exhausted prior to a.

"The renewable fuel standard was working as intended, with no need to change. It has reduced greenhouse gas emissions, decreased our reliance on foreign oil, lowered gasoline prices for consumers, increased economic stability in rural America and spurred innovation in advanced and cellulosic biofuels.

Alaska native takes to Capitol Hill after losing her mother to Alzheimer’s

– there is no limit on the number of vehicles anyone may have in the scheme, provided that the vehicle is eligible under the rules. The scheme is regularly policed by the car clubs and police to ensure compliance and to prevent excess usage days.

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TX Gov. Greg Abbott actually says, with a straight face, that, in fighting for fossil fuel industry profits over people, he’s protecting private property rights from the "heavy hand of local.

The industry has been an active participant in efforts to reduce emissions, including voluntary programs during the summer, when gas is untypically worse, Dan Haley, CEO and president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, aforementioned in a statement.

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are inclined to pursue their economic interests without regard to. ANALYSIS OF AIR EMISSION REGULATIONS AND ELECTRICITY MARKET DISTORTIONS 11-12. AGENCY, DOCKET A-2001-19, NSR 90-DAY REVIEW BACKGROUND. C. Banks, EPA Bends to Industry Pressures on Coal NSPS-and Breaks,

The so-called "sanctuary cities" became another immigration-related subject raising core federalism issues. Although there is no legal or widely accepted definition of the phrase "sanctuary city," it generally refers to any subnational government entity that refuses to cooperate in the enforcement of some immigration-related policy.