Colorado cop who pulled gun on man picking up trash outside his home resigns

The white Colorado police officer who attempted to detain a black man for picking up trash outside his own home resigned on Wednesday after an internal affairs probe found he violated departmental.

Colorado Cop Resigns After Pulling Gun On Black Man Picking Up Trash Some of you may remember the story we posted a few months ago about a Colorado police officer who pulled his service pistol on a 26-year-old Black man named Zayd Atkinson who was simply picking up trash outside of his home.

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A tense confrontation was caught on camera in Boulder, Colorado, when several officers – including one with his hand on his gun – approached a black man who was picking up garbage in his own yard, with one officer acknowledging he may have been racially profiled. @realwillcarr with the investigation under way #boulder #colorado #co #police.

2019-05-16  · A white Colorado police officer has resigned after being caught on video drawing his gun on a black man who said he was picking up trash at his property. The city of Boulder said in a statement Thursday that officer John Smyly violated multiple department policies when he confronted Zayd Atkinson, 26, in March.

Colorado Cop Who Detained Black College Student Picking Up Trash Outside His Building Resigns But Will Receive $69K In Pay. pull a gun on a Black man picking up trash. police as he was.

Update (May 17, 2019): A Colorado officer who received backlash after pulling his gun on a Black man for picking up trash in front of his home has resigned from the police force with salary.

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#PickingUpTrashWhileBlack: Colorado Cop Resigns After Drawing Gun on Man Cleaning His Yard A white Boulder, Colorado, police officer has resigned after an internal affairs report denounced his.

Backlash after Texas cop pulls gun on unarmed teens Cell phone video shows police, some with guns drawn, confronting a black man in Boulder, Colorado, on March 1, 2019, who claimed he was just picking up trash on his own property with a metal trash.

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2019-05-16  · A white Colorado police officer who confronted a black man picking up trash around his dormitory resigned this week under an agreement that lets him collect $69,000 in salary despite violating department policies.Body camera footage released Thursday provided a full video account of the tense