Cherry Creek Mortgage to provide benefits to same-sex couples after gay couple sues lender

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which samesex marriage laws are thought to increase same- sex mortgage – applications. The paper is also the first to use the HMDA dataset to examine the pattern of same-sex mortgage applications over time and exploit state variation to estimate the causal effect of changes in samesex marriage laws on same-sex – mortgage applications.

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I’d highly recommend cherry Creek Mortgage and Thomas Hecker in particular. It’s been two weeks and I haven’t had a return phone call after leaving all my information with one of their loan officers. After speaking to them on the phone they said they would get back to me with more information.

The judge noted that "each day that Cherry Creek is forced to provide the objectionable coverage their sincerely held religious beliefs are violated.". HHS mandate loses a court battle to.

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Even worse, cherry creek told dominguez that the company was retroactively retracting the health benefits they had provided to her wife for the prior year- leaving the couple facing tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected charges for care after Martinez’s 2015 heart attacks.

Lesbian couple files federal lawsuit after employer denies health care coverage Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. may use Hobby Lobby "religious freedom" decision to justify denial of coverage

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